3 Ways Champorado with Abi Marquez

Champorado is a well-loved chocolate rice porridge from the Philippines that is usually made using glutinous rice and tablea (Filipino local chocolate). Abi Marquez will be making not just one, but three varieties (classic, strawberry, and ube!) of this favorite snack using accessible ingredients that are available anywhere!

Check out our ube documentary here:




Champorado base (per flavor)

1 cup of glutinous rice (malagkit), soaked overnight
5 (or more) cups of water or coconut milk
Salt to Taste


Classic Champorado

1/8 cup dutch-process cocoa powder
4 pcs. tablea
brown sugar to taste


Strawberry Champorado

150g fresh strawberries, sliced and marinated in 2 tbsp white sugar
1/2 cup evaporated milk
condensed milk or white sugar to taste
strawberry extract and red food coloring (optional)


Ube Champorado

1/4 cup ube halaya
ube-flavored condensed milk or plain condensed milk
ube extract (optional)

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