Different people, different culture, different story, different styles and tastes for life.

Erwan Heussaff

Our founding father and the man who calls the shots (literally). There would be no The Fat Kid Inside Studios and FEATR Media without the 20-something year old Erwan armed with a worn out camera, a backpack, and a vision for Filipino food and travel.

Kashka Gaddi

Content Producer
Kashka makes sure that all our videos are made with love. She’s exactly who you need if you want your production to run smoothly and look beautiful!

Edel Cayetano

Story Producer
She is always on the hunt for a good story. We wouldn’t have any to tell if not for Edel!

Harold Singzon

Story Producer
Harold can draw a story out of anyone with his warmth, humorous charm, and expert stalking skills.

Mary Lournette Baligod

Story Producer
Mary knows no boundaries when it comes to getting her research done!

Kleo Balares

Editorial Producer
Always brimming with ideas, Kleo excitedly and passionately sees projects through from conception to launch.

Hans Piozon

Multimedia Producer
Hans is brilliantly creative at pretty much everything – from scoring to writing to editing, he’s a one man production team who produces and oversees the shorts content we create.

Eamonn Quizon

Monn is the man behind the lights, and TFKI’s first ever employee!

Julius Rivera

Camera Operator
Our shots always turn out cinematically beautiful when Julius is behind the camera.

Dana Blaze

The mastermind behind all the funny, quirky details that breathes life into our branded content.

Ivan Christian Cocjin

Ivan doesn’t just stitch together the cleanest cuts, he also adds spice to our videos by wiggling around our graphics!

Lorraine Santos

As a huge ocean advocate, Raine is our goto gal for travel documentaries, mini short films, and anything to do with the great outdoors.

Steven Sune

Steven has been editing as a hobby since he was 11, so it’s no wonder that he knows exactly what he wants for his edits and delivers right away.

Kim Tayona

Kim loves putting stories together through his edits, whether it be branded content or the pretty shorts you see on our Instagram!

Kathryna de Bustos

Content Manager
None of our videos would see the light of day without Kat! She keeps the excitement going with engaging posts topped off with her witty captions.

Martin Narisma

Food Editor
Every recipe we share goes through the expert eye of Chef Martin, who makes sure we give you only the tastiest recipes!

Chester Velasco

Production Assistant
Need someone to manage a studio? Assist a production? Hold the camera? Chester is all those three in one!

Kevin Amponin

Production Assistant
Everyone’s favorite helping hand! As a production assistant and gaffer, Kevin is trained to adapt to anything that might happen during a shoot.

Dustin Dagamac

The final stage before the videos get uploaded. Dustin works his magic to bring out all the beautiful colors you see on screen.

Sofia Paderes

Graphic Designer
Adds personality to our shows by giving each one a unique look with their own fun little graphics!

Kim Manuel

Graphic Designer
Kim’s collages and animations are the secret ingredient to what makes our documentaries so special.

Roanne Salvacion

We’d all be lost without Roanne to help us with her accounting, money managing, and admin skills!

Donalyn Aranda

Accounting Assistant
Though Dona’s financial record keeping job is pretty serious, there’s nothing serious about how contagious her laugh is!

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