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Making Crab Fat Paste (Taba ng Talangka) Pampanga Philippines

Sasmuan is Pampanga’s hidden seafood haven. This is where you can find one of the richest bounties of the sea—taba ng talangka (crab fat). Tisya Culala has been cooking this sinfully delicious delicacy for over 30 years and we are getting a quick preview of how it is made.

Rice Cooker Meals on a Budget Pt. 2 (with Abi Marquez)

Abi Marquez is cooking the easiest and most delicious meals using only a rice cooker! On this episode of Compact Cooking, we are exploring the wonders of making steamed dishes using only simple and inexpensive ingredients in small spaces like your dorm, condo, or small kitchen setup.

Flavorful Okra Dilis

Are you an okra hater or lover? 🤔 Also known as lady’s fingers or bhindi, it’s a slender, bright green vegetable that is commonly used in stews, stir-fry dishes, or eaten as is in many countries. In the Philippines, it is added to many iconic local meals like Adobong Okra, Sinigang, Ginataang Gulay, or just steamed! 😋 Okra adds a unique texture to meals that’s truly out of this world! 🌱
There are many variations of these bite-sized delights across different cultures like gyozas from Japan and pierogies from Poland. What’s your favorite kind of dumpling? 🥢

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