Discovering the Secrets of Guimaras Philippines (Slow Travel)

Guimaras is an island province located in Western Visayas, Philippines that boasts of rich resources and beautiful coastlines. The “Guimarasnons” are the proud locals of the thriving group of islands that is known to have one of the best and sweetest mangoes in the world and the freshest seafood that you will ever taste in this lifetime. We took the unfamiliar road during our visit to get to know the people of Guimaras during their normal routine that’s not usually seen by tourists. 

Take a serene break with us and watch the video until the end to discover Guimaras in its raw beauty and form.

Special thanks to these people who made this documentary possible: 

Councilor Katya Tico Delgado – Jordan, Guimaras LGU
Vinsoy Abawan

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