Filipino Wild Rice Wine Needs to Be Preserved (Tapuy)

Tapuy or Tapuey is a fermented rice wine made in the Philippines, particularly in the northern province of Ifugao in the Cordillera Administrative Region. We visited the small town of Batad to learn about the communities who continue to make the sweet beverage using traditional methods and organic ingredients.

From learning how Tapuy is made in the majestic rice terraces, we then hopped on to the beautiful landscapes of Inuwayan Farms in Adams, Ilocos Norte to try the different varieties of Bugnay wine. The fruity local wine inspired small business owner Ken Alonso of Proudly Promdi to create uniquely Filipino cocktails using Bugnay to promote traditionally brewed Philippine beverages. This led to his partnership with Rona Wines from the same region of Adams which translated to one of his bestselling products, Pedronan Tapuey.

Filipinos are known to be big fans of partying, drinking, and eating together. With this documentary, we hope to raise awareness on the vast variety of local wines available in the country. Jess Hernandez from Meryenda joined the team to talk to the artisans who make, distribute, and promote Tapuy as the next upcoming beverage of the Philippines.

Note: We would like to make an addendum on the script, on 1:37, we mentioned that the area is in Central Luzon when it should have said Northern Luzon. Thank you for those who pointed it out! We are so grateful for the FEATR community.

The team would like to thank the following for making this documentary possible:

Meryenda Team:
Jessica Hernandez
Cassandra Balbas

Ifugao Team:
Irene Binalet
For tour bookings, kindly visit her Facebook page:

Inyoppeh Bumanghat
Umanggan Bumanghat

Ilocos Norte Team:
Dr. Bielmaju Bawingan – Inuwayan Winery
Sitio Bangbanga – Purok Laud, Badoc, Ilocos Norte

Ernanie Pedronan – Rona’s Winery
FW54+6Q2, Adams, Ilocos Norte

Ken Alonso of Proudly Promdi

Chef John Kevin Navoa, Chef Thirdy Dolatre, and Erin Ganuelas of Hapag

Kat Cortez – Fermentation Lead

Watch the full video here:

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