How Ancient Filipino Swords Are Made by A Royal Blacksmith

Who is the Royal Blacksmith of Basilan? We met a real life Filipino “Panday” (blacksmith), Datu Halun Asakil, who has been making swords for 59 years in the island of Basilan. While he initially chose the life of an educator for most of his life, he eventually continued his father’s passion for building handmade blades. 

Bolo, Barong, Kris, Talibong, Panabang, and Ginunting—most of these might sound foreign to even Filipinos, but these are the names of the unique and very sharp swords that were used during the historic wars in the Philippines. Some of these swords are now still being made thanks to the few skilled blacksmiths like Datu Halun. 

Correction as of [6/13/2023 8 pm]: on 2:23 we mentioned 1986, it was supposed to refer to the 1896 Philippine Revolution. Thank you all for the feedback! We apologize for the confusion and the error from our end.
For orders, please contact:
Datu Halun Asakil
Isabela City, Basilan

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