How Kaong is Harvested and Made from Scratch (Sugar Palm Candy)

Kaong or sugar palm (Arengga pinnata) is a minor forest species that produces a special fruit. Kaong preserves are famously found in Halo-Halo, but very little is known about its harvesting process.

The art of harvesting Kaong is a perilous journey. Kaong farmers like Gilbert endure the steep hike into the forest in their search for the bulbous fruit, which he then laboriously cooks into the small, glass-like spheres that everybody loves. Not a lot of people know about the tree that bears the fruit that’s needed to make this sweet delicacy, which is now even harder to come by because of the heavy commercialization of the product. Join us as we learn about this precious fruit in the eyes of a Kaong farmer.

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Special thanks to:
Gilbert Biag and family

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