Inka Magnaye on Her Viral Voice and Favorite Meals (with Erwan Heussaff)

Inka Magnaye is behind some of the most famous voice overs that we are all familiar with both locally and abroad. Erwan Heussaff talks to Inka about her colorful career as a voiceover artist and what her current projects are. Inka grew up in a family of voiceover artists who inspired her to thrive in a niche industry that’s so important in media production. How did she transition from being solely a voiceover actor to a full-blown content creator? Let’s talk about it on this second episode of Fan Faves.

Fan Faves breaks down the most in-demand dishes on GrabFood and some interesting facts about your go-to delivery meals and beverages. A local pizza place took the pie for the most ordered pizza on the GrabFood app. Can you guess which one?

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