Life in the Mountains of the Philippines (The Cordilleras)

If there’s anything that we loved about our visit to the province of Ifugao, it’s the people who continue to preserve their traditions and protect their heritage.

Our guide, Irene Binalet, was our beacon throughout these moments where we connected with the locals and the community of artisans. We will always be grateful for this opportunity to share these stories and these are just snippets from our memories that we will forever hold close to our hearts. 

Watch our full documentary on making the Filipino rice wine or Tapuey here:

The team would like to thank the following for making this documentary possible:

Mereynda Team

Jessica Hernandez

Cassandra Balbas

Ifugao Team:

Irene Binalet

For tour bookings, kindly visit her Facebook page:

Inyoppeh Bumanghat

Umanggan Bumanghat

Explore the province of Ifugao here:

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