Make a Better Banana Pie Recipe by Grace (Turon Pie)

Banana is so abundant in the Philippines that there are a bunch of types in every region.

Naturally, Chef Grace wanted to bring that taste of home to Australia with a banana pie that sprinkles influences of turon to it.

It’s definitely a dessert that will make you rethink about counting your calories.

Learn the recipe here:

Banana Pie



240g all-purpose flour

60g caster sugar

2g fine sea salt

140g unsalted butter, cold and diced

20g egg yolk

50ml cream

1 egg white, lightly beaten, for brushing pastry

(use the yolk for the filling



Custard Filling


500ml cream

10g vanilla paste

150g caster sugar

30ml water

3g sea salt flakes

80g egg yolk





3 small bananas, ripe and fragrant

1 passionfruit, pulped (or 2tsp calamansi/lemon juice)

4 jackfruit pods, sliced and some diced



Italian Meringue


200g caster sugar

4 egg whites

pinch of cream of tartar



Filo Pastry


10 sheets of filo pastry

melted butter

caster sugar

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