Making Bagoong in the Most Traditional Way (Guimaras Guinamos)

Guinamos is a flavorful shrimp paste that is traditionally made in Jordan, Guimaras. Ruben is one of the last Guinamos makers in Barangay Morabuan and this is his story. 

Guinamos is a potent and flavorful shrimp paste that is regarded as an heirloom ingredient in the Philippines. Fishermen and local folk lay out freshly caught “hibe” (small shrimp) underneath the scorching rays of the sun and is then massaged manually by foot to help with the fermentation process. The cycle is then completed once the paste mixture is sundried once again to ensure that the batch is thoroughly disinfected and is now ready to be packaged and shipped out. 

Like many champions of slow food, Ruben’s product and overall livelihood is now threatened by the effects of globalization. We documented the labor-intensive process from start to finish as we listened to Ruben’s simple yet heartwarming stories. Watch until the end to learn about what happens next to their town and why it’s important to preserve these time-honored traditions.  

Special thanks to these people who made this documentary possible: 

Councilor Katya Tico Delgado – Jordan, Guimaras LGU
Vinsoy Abawan


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