Making Filipino Blood Sausage from Scratch (Pinuneg with Erwan Heussaff)

Pinuneg is an underrated blood sausage that is commonly found in the northern provinces of the Philippines. It is a delicacy traditionally made by the indigenous people of the Cordillera Mountains (Igorots). Erwan Heussaff is back to cook his own version of pinuneg in our makeshift kitchen as we renovate our new studio setup for the year. Have you tried to make your own sausage at home? Watch the full process of making pinuneg now!

Watch the full video here:


• 2 liters of pork blood
• 1 kg of red onions
• 300g of minced garlic
• 5g white pepper
• 20g salt
• 1 kg of mixed offal (intestines, pork face, etc)
• intestines for stuffing
• strawberries
• cherry tomatoes

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