Most Expensive Chocolate in the World (Heirloom Ingredients of Negros Occidental Philippines)

Negros Occidental is an ultimate food destination for those who want to experience eating the best of the Philippines. The island is known as the Sugar Capital of the Philippines where you can find the best restaurants and the most beautiful heritage homes that have been passed down for many generations.

In our last video for our Western Visayas series, we’re going to talk about the heirloom ingredients of Negros like Batwan (Garcinia binucao), the rare Criollo Cacao, the healthy Tinigib Corn (White Visayan Corn), and Kalingag (Philippine Cinnamon). We think that each of these ingredients deserve to be used more in our kitchens and should be appreciated here and abroad for generations to come. Get to know how these heirloom ingredients can a significant role in the food industry in the Philippines now!



1:09 – Negros Occidental is one of the 6 provinces of Region VI. 

7:46 – Correction on the location, it is supposed to be Barangay Atipuluan. Thank you for sending your comments! 


Special thanks to:

Arnel Calago, Tinigib Corn Farmer

Camingawan Tagukon Farmers Association

FB: Arnel Tinigib Torion Calago


Christopher Fadriga, Criollo Cacao Grower

Owner, Chris Fadriga Cacao Nursery

Barangay Atipuluan, Bago City, Dakbanwa Sang Bago 

0956 591 9071


Bienvenido Acse, Chieftain, Sibato Bukidnon Tribal Community (Batwan)


November Canieso-Yeo, 

Plantsville Health Official Website:


Slow Food Negros:

Ramon “Chin-Chin” Uy Jr.

Reena Gamboa


Luisa Tutor & Samuel Maja, Negros Occidental Provincial Environmental Management Office


Kaningag farmers of Don Salvador Benedicto:

Ninfa Benitua, Farmers Federation President

Jennelyn Bongo, Farmer and Agri-Technician, Plantsville Health

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