Most Expensive Seafood in the Philippines (Diwal of Negros)

“Diwal” (Pholas orientalis) is a unique and prized shellfish which can be found in the Philippines. We are in Valladolid, Negros Occidental and we are catching some of these “Angel Wing Clams” the traditional way. Erwan Heussaff is hopping on a boat with the team, and we are sailing into the murky, yet bountiful waters that are home to these rare, elongated clams. How many pieces do you think we will find?

Stay until the end to watch Erwan cook some Diwal with the famous Kinilaw Master of Sagay himself, Vicente “Enteng” Lobaton. 


Special thanks to: 

Valladolid LGU

Valladolid Tourism Office

Valladolid Municipal Police Station

Dinah Martinez, Municipal Tourism Head

Rosela Bayaborda, Municipal Agriculture Head

Amay Estampa, Fisherman

Ramon Uy Jr

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