MOST PRECIOUS Salt in the Philippines? (Tultul Salt Guimaras)

“Tul-tul” is a rare artisanal salt block from the Philippines that is specially made by hand in Jordan, Guimaras. Shirley “Nenen” Padohinog is one of the last if not the only remaining master of making tultul and she has persevered to save the dying craft despite all the trials that she encountered along the way. 

The laborious process takes hours of intensive cooking that results into a glorious slab of flavorful salt which can even be eaten on its own!

The country is now at a crossroads as it attempts to revive its dying local salt industry by revisiting its outdated laws that may have contributed to the dwindling salt beds in the archipelago. What does the future hold for salt artisans like Shirley? Learn more about the art of making tultul and support your local salt farmer today.

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