Rice Cooker Meals on A Ninong Ry Vs Erwan EPIC FISH BATTLE (SuTuKil) | Fiesta In A Box Ep 2Student Budget (with Abi Marquez)

There’s so many ways to approach fish and Sinulog’s SuTuKil proves that. This episode, Erwan and Ninong Ry take their own approaches to this Cebuano favorite.

Fiesta in a Box is an online reality competition developped by FEATR in partnership with Youtube. 

Featuring your favorite personalities competing to cook the best dish from their assigned Fiestas. While we still can’t go out to celebrate, let’s keep Fililpino Fiestas alive in our kitchens. 

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See their battle unfold here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8BI1nUWJK1o

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