Rare Bamboo Salt in Iloilo Philippines

Miagao Salt or “Budbud” is an ancient rock salt that has been around in Iloilo, Philippines since the 1800s. The coastal town has seen its glory days during those times as salt beds were aplenty across the villages of the province. 

Lorlie is the last woman “asindero” (salt maker) standing between the extinction of this dying tradition of salt making in the country because of climate change and heavy commercialization. We documented the slow art of baking budbud that still uses traditional tools like bamboo branches and sun drying methods that produce the most beautiful artisanal rock salt that transforms the way you cook. Watch the full video to get to know how this precious salt is made.

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For orders:

De Paul Budbud Sea Salt
Lorlie Noblezada, 09957802224 
Miagao, Iloilo

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Learn the story of “Budbud” here: 

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