Rare Filipino Recipe: Calamansi Nata De Coco Dessert

Calamansi stuffed with nata de coco is a dessert that’s born from the wildest of imaginations. Nina Velasco has been making and selling this unique dessert for the past 30 years, using an heirloom recipe that’s been passed down from generations in her family. 

It’s been written in books and newspapers but seeing the process from start to finish is a beautiful method that deserves more recognition. Biting into this small and umami-filled piece of history feels like a delightful peek into the colorful story of the family behind the artform.

For orders: 0917 528 1087


Special thanks to:

Nina Perez-Velasco

Naty Ocampo-Castro

Reena Gamboa of Casa Gamboa


Additional references:

Inquirer.net, “Why Filipinos have a sweet tooth” by Gideon Lasco, December 21, 2017

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