Rare PINAIS Recipe from Quezon Province Philippines

Pinais is an heirloom recipe that’s made in Tayabas, Quezon Province. It’s an eye-catching, savory dish is made with locally foraged and rare ingredients like “Dapdap” and “Camamba.” Leogin Salvan is said to be the last Pinais maker in the town.

The “Pinais King” still uses the same heirloom recipe that his parents taught him—but due to the disappearing local ingredients, he fears that one day he cannot make the same Pinais that he grew up with. Watch until the end to learn more about Pinais!

For Orders: Leogin Salvan – 09998331237

Special thanks to:
Leonisa Salvaleon Zurbano
Leogin Zurbano Salvan
Luisito Principe Salvan
Aliza Salvan
Janbert R. Salvan

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