Rarely Seen Mountain Wedding Rituals (Ibayyo Wedding in Bontoc, Philippines)

A traditional wedding in Ibayyo is truly a magnificent experience. We are in the picturesque mountains of Barangay Bayyo in Bontoc Province where we are documenting the union of Glaiza and Melford from start to finish. This wedding is a collective effort by the community where everyone has a role to play in ensuring that the sacred event is a success and that the bride and groom’s marriage is blessed by the gods. 

This is a tradition that has been around for many generations and is still practiced to this day. We hope you enjoy watching this special feature as much as we did!


Special thanks to:

Hon. Jerome Tudlong, Municipal Mayor of Bontoc

Bontoc LGU

Barangay Bay-yo, Bontoc

Atty. Melford Lapnawan

Glaiza Abcalen-Lapnawan

Lapnawan Family

Abcalen Family

Bumengeg Family

Moyamoy Family

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