Seaweed Harvesters Risk Their Lives in the Philippines (Gamet)

Gamet is a rare species of seaweed that is found in the northernmost coast of the Philippines, particularly in Ilocos Norte and Cagayan. It is considered as ‘black gold’ and is a highly coveted ingredient due to its rarity and the dangers surrounding its harvesting process. During our shoot, the unpredictable climate made it more difficult to obtain Gamet in its purest form. It was close to impossible, as its availability heavily relies on the weather during the Northeast Monsoon or “Amihan.” Join us as we traverse the dangerous path of Gamet harvesters in Ilocos Norte.

Note: Kindly note that “Amihan” should have referred to the Northeast Monsoon. We just received feedback and we’re so grateful and we apologize for the error. Thank you!

Watch the full video here:

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