The Best Eats of Malabon (Pancit Malabon, Tortang Alimasag, Valencia Triangulo)

Ever wondered where you need to eat if ever you find yourself in Malabon? This city is filled with culinary history and these three must visits, will make you come back for more.

FEATRed places:
Aling Mely’s Carinderia – Malabon
Contact: 8-2816316
Address: 10 A. Bonifacio St. Barangay Flores

Mama Belen’s Kitchenette
Contact: 0933 472 6884
Address: 57 A. Bonifacio St. Barangay Flores Malabon

Aling Tessie’s Puto Valencia Triangulo
Contact: (02) 8281 5804

Get to know the best stops in Malabon here:

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