The Best Food in Bicol with Erwan Heussaff | You Need To Try These Dishes

Bicol is a culinary adventurer’s dream because of its diverse delicacies like laing, kinunot, tinuktok, and many more. What do these dishes have in common? Coconut. Bicolano food is famous for adding coconut milk or “gata” to its dishes. Join Erwan Heussaff as he tastes his way through the Naga Market and the nearby eateries to taste the authentic flavors of Bicol. Stay until the end to learn how laing is cooked according to Chef Doy who has been cooking Bicolano food for almost 15 years!

Watch the full video here:

Special thanks to our Bicolano collaborators for helping us create this documentary:

Chef Billy Genterola Academy of Career Education Philippines

Oliver Collins Films

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