The Best Goto and Pares Recipes with Beef Tendon

Both goto and pares are widely loved by Filipinos.

Long day at work? Nothing a piping hot bowl of goto can’t fix.

Hungover from having too much fun last night? Yet another problem that pares provides the perfect solution to!

Make sure you know how to make these two go-to dishes at home. 

Erwan made his versions here:


400g tendons (cleaned) 

1 carrot 

1celery stick

1 brown onions

pinch of salt

water to cover

200g seared shortribs


Arroz Caldo: 

1 cup glutinous white rice

1 brown onion 

2 tbps minced ginger 

1 tbsp minced garlic

1 tsp of fish sauce and more to season 

water as needed. 

Top with: crunchy garlic, spring onions, calamansi


Annatto oil: 

2 tbsp annatto seeds

1/3 cup of oil



500g tendons

300g short ribs 

2 tbsp garlic 

1 brown onion 

8 ginger slices 

1/2 tsp white pepper 

1/3 cup cooking wine (sake) 

1 tbsp fish sauce 

2 tbsp oyster sauce

1/3 cup soy sauce 

2 tbsp brown sugar 

5 pcs star anise 


Top with: crunchy garlic, spring onions.

Water as needed, to cover meat in the beginning and more as the sauce reduces during the cook

for both recipes, I recommend to braise the tendons for 4 hours, or 2 hours in a pressure cooker.

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