The Best Kambingan in Angeles Pampanga Philippines (Taldawa)

“Taldawa” is a popular restaurant in Pampanga that is known for its beloved “kambing” (goat) dishes. The family-run restaurant boasts of selling over 50 kilos of meals every day and is headed by Chef Pons Garcia, a third-generation chef who has captured the palates of both the locals and tourists who flock to their restaurant to get a taste of their food. 

Their kitchen is known for their legendary trifecta of specialties— adobong bibe (duck), sinigang na kambing, and kalderetang kambing which are made with the freshest ingredients and what might be the most tender goat meat in the province. What sets their kambingan apart from the rest? You will need to watch until the end to find out! 

These Piñakamasarap meals are made with love using our favorite ingredients from Marca Piña. Did you know that their iconic soy sauce and other products are now available in over 40 countries? Marca Piña has been around since the 1940’s and is a staple in every Filipino household. Try making these recipes today!


Special thanks to:

Chef Pons Garcia

Norma Garcia



Taldawa Kambingan Grill

433 Sampaguita Street, Dona Belen Subdivision, Brgy. Sto. Cristo, Angeles City

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