The Best Kinilaw in the Philippines

Kinilaw is a Filipino dish that is made with fresh raw fish, vinegar, and spices. Vicente “Enteng” Lobaton is a master of making the best kinilaw and we are documenting his process and life story, He was born and raised in Sagay City, a small quiet town outside Bacolod City in Western Visayas that boasts of one of the richest marine resources in the country. Enteng made the most out of what he had around him and made kinilaw out of everything that he could get his hands on, resulting to the mastery of his specialty dish.

Witness the “Kinilaw Master” in his element at his restaurant, Enting’s Special of Sagay, and watch how he makes his staple kinilaw dishes from start to finish. This is only the second video from our food adventures in Negros Occidental! Stay tuned for more!

Special thanks to:

LGU Sagay City

Sagay City Tourism Office

Dr. Melbert P. Libo-on

Ramon Uy Jr.

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