The Best of Baguio Food with Erwan Heussaff

When was your last food adventure in Baguio? Erwan Heussaff is pulling out all the stops on this massive food crawl through the summer capital of the Philippines. We’re trying authentic Pinuneg (blood sausage) from the Farmer’s Daughter, mouthwatering Chinese staples from Luisa’s, tasty Bakareta from Mang Ed’s, and the unassuming Cordilleran cuisine which will surely make you come back for more. This is only the beginning of our epic journey through the City of Pines!

Special thanks to:
JJ Landingin
Chef Chavi Romawac
Millie Kesner-Romawac

Good Taste Restaurant – Otek Street, Baguio City
The Farmer’s Daughter Restaurant – Tam-awan, Longlong Rod., Baguio City
Mang Ed’s Bakareta – Barp Bldg., Bokawan, Baguio City
Luisa’s Cafe – Session Road, Baguio City
Ili-Likha Artist’s Watering Hole – 32 Assumption Rd., Baguio City
Katipunan Inn and Restaurant – 46 Kantiao St. Extension, Baguio City

Watch the full video here:

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