The Best of Cavite Food with Erwan Heussaff

Cavite is one of the most underrated cities in the Philippines. Erwan Heussaff is going on a historical food trip with Ige Ramos—an award-winning food writer, culinary historian, and a true-blooded Caviteño. What makes Cavite truly special is its role in the Philippine Independence and its strategic location which made it an integral trading post and then one of the most important ports of the then Galleon Trade during the Spanish occupation of the country.

Join us on this memorable and exciting food crawl as we sample tasty dishes like “Kasilyo” (local white cheese), “Bibingkoy” (glutinous rice cake), Adobo Seca, Kare Kare and many more!

Erratum [as of 07/23/2023 6 pm] 16:46 – We apologize for the confusion, the name on this slide should be Chimboy Poblete. Thank you!

Malen's Restaurant - 9025 Magdiwang Hwy, Noveleta, Cavite
Cavite City Public Market - 494 Molina, San Roque, Cavite
Cantina De Tita A - P. Burgos Ave., Cavite
San Roque Parish Church - P. Burgos Ave, San Roque, Cavite
Regal Dining Catering and Restaurant - 60 P. Burgos Ave, Santa Cruz, Cavite
Aguinaldo Shrine - Kawit, Cavite

Special thanks to: Ige Ramos Dina Santiago Arnel Beruete Agnes Poblete Chimboy Poblete Cons Poblete

It’s been made here for centuries, however is getting replaced by more effecient sugar can processing which produces the refined sugars that stock our pantries. Muscovado has more natural molasses content, giving it a deep color and a toffee flavor that we prefer using.There is a sugar shortage in the Philippines, if you’ll believe it, the government has resorted to importing more sugar to reach the demands of people, hence resulting in higher prices which directly affect locally owned businesses. 

We have such great artisans in the Philippines, so when selecting your ingredients for your next cooking session, search them out and see how you can support them!

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