The Last Traditional Balut Vendor

Balut’ is a fertilized duck egg that is incubated for 18 days and is a known delicacy in the Philippines and in some other countries in Asia. Here, It is commonly sold by street vendors and is rich in protein and other nutrients. Pateros is a small municipality in Metro Manila and is known as the “Balut Capital of the Philippines”. 

Unfortunately, the pollution that plagued their rivers resulted to the inability of the city to breed ducks. This left the balut makers and vendors to outsource their raw materials to nearby towns and provinces. While the local and national government has been supporting programs to modernize and revive the balut industry in Pateros, there stands a man who continues to make balut the traditional way. Get to know the ‘Last Balut Vendor’ and the pioneers of balut making in Pateros as we discover the art behind one of the most iconic street foods in Asia.

Luisa’s Store – P. Herrera Street, Pateros City

Theresa Flores Balut and Salted Egg Store – 67 P. Rosales, Pateros, Metro Manila

Eleuterio Amahan Balutan – 25 Bagong Calzada St., Ususan, Taguig City

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