Traditional Filipino Offal Soup | Gotong Batangas

What makes Goto Batangas different from your usual rice porridge? The highlight of this comforting bowl of soup is the slow-cooked beef innards like tripe, liver, and tendon that takes hours to tenderize using traditional methods. While our usual goto in Manila uses glutinous rice as one of its main ingredients, the classic Batangas goto is more of a soup that is packed with offal and is best served with steamy rice on the side.  

Kuya Oliver’s Gotohan in Batangas is a household name in the area when it comes to the hearty bowl of goodness. Find out what makes it a staple for rainy evenings in the Philippines and how this humble joint makes use of all the parts of up to two full cows daily to make their specialty dish.

Watch the full video here:


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