Trying The Best SPAM® Dishes in the City (with Erwan and Martin)

How much do we love SPAM®? This video is our ode to the iconic canned meat! Erwan Heussaff and Chef Martin Narisma are out of the studio in search of the best SPAM® dishes in the city. Filipinos love this brand of luncheon meat and the variety of meals made with it is a testament to the love affair. From kimchi rice, croissant sandwiches, and musubi bowls, this is the perfect video for all you SPAM® lovers out there! 

Restaurants Visited: 

Seattle’s Best Coffee – Valero St, Salcedo Village (Visit for the full list of branches) 

Momo Korean Egg Drop – Uptown Mall (Visit for the full list of branches) 

Your Local – Esteban Street, Legaspi Village

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