Unli Taba Viral Pares Mami (Is it worth it?)

Pares is a comforting braised beef stew made with succulent brisket, flavorful broth and served with a cup (or two!) of steaming garlic rice. It’s often considered as a budget meal that costs just under P100 ($2 USD) and is also a great hangover cure after a long night of partying. We visited Kuya Bob Pares Mami, an underrated pares house that started as a small business during the pandemic. Get to know why the lines are getting longer each day at this hidden eatery in Valenzuela City!

Kuya Bob’s Pares – 677 St. James St. Viente Reales, Valenzuela City

Watch the full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59A8zYW0fkA

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