We Got Lost in the Mountainside (with Erwan Heussaff)

We are now in Nueva Vizcaya with Erwan and the team to discover its winding mountain ranges and vast greenery. On this second episode of Forager, we’re pushing our limits as we drive for hours on end to enjoy the juiciest local mandarins and “Marang” straight from a fruit farm and we’re also going on a quick scenic hike to harvest exotic herbs and fruits. We can go on and on about more of our discoveries, but you’ll just have to watch until the end and tag along with us for the full ride!

This video is sponsored by Ford Philippines. We had a blast testing the all-new Ford Ranger Wildtrak which we will put to the test over the next few episodes of Forager.

We would like to thank:

GL Cumila Farms – 09055400199; Brgy. Tadji, Kasibu, Nueva Vizcaya

LGU Ambaguio

Nuepe Junior Manuel

Norman Cudiaman

Tibaldo and Joylyn Bahni

Romeo Dupyawon

King Kini-ing

Mudag Family

Perante Family

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