What is Filipino Food? (According to Claude Tayag)

Claude Tayag is a renowned Kapampangan artist, restaurateur, and food writer, about the stories behind his favorite dishes. In this video, Claude talks about how personal and historical narratives shape Filipino cooking. If you’ve always been interested in the rich history of Filipino cooking, then this is the perfect video for you.

Claude’s artistry propelled him to great heights in his chosen crafts and his taste for flavor knows no bounds and sees no limits. From his timeless Seafood Kare-Kare (peanut stew) to the truly authentic Kapampangan Buro with Hito and Mustasa, this is going to be a spiritual culinary journey in Bale Dutung that you won’t forget.

Special thanks to:
Claude Tayag
Mary Ann Quioc-Tayag
Bale Dutung team
Shayne Asuncion

Abe Cruz photo source

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