Whole Pork Cooking in a Cordilleran Filipino Ritual (Etag, Kinuday, Tapuy)

We recently documented an unfiltered look into the Cañao ritual of the Cordillerans. It is a thanksgiving ceremony that is practiced by various indigenous communities in the Philippines that involves cooking a feast for the entire neighborhood. 

On this second installment of this two-part series on the cañao, we highlight the sumptuous dishes that are served during the ritual. We devoured the best of Cordilleran cuisine—from cured meats (Etag, Kinuday), blood sausages (Pinuneg), and of course the revered rice wine (Tapuy), we cover it all! 

Journey with us to the mountains of La Trinidad, Benguet and share this meal with our brothers and sisters during this sacred celebration of the cañao.

Watch part one here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFNaBK3xIX8

Special thanks to:

Joemar Molintas Mayomis

Cindy Catalino Mayomis

Agosto Placido Amoyong

Arthur Olchino

Maria Catbagan-Aplaten, Cultural Worker. Founder/ Exec Dir. Hapiyoh Mi Culture and Arts Center, Inc.

Chef Laarni Andam

Mr. Gaston P. Kibiten, Museum Curator, SLU Museum of Igorot Cultures and Arts

Chavi Romawac

Millie-Kesner Romawac

Pil-od Acop Ano

Other References:

Ibaloi Cañao: A Story Journal by Maila Buaquen-Alog, Published 2021 

PhilRice, Department of Agriculture Philippine Rice Institute

For orders of Pinuneg and other Cordilleran meats, visit CuisiNigz on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CuisiNigz

For orders, contact Omar at 0966 260 3411


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