Why is the Filipino Calamansi Being Left Behind?

Calamansi (or “Kalamansi” in Tagalog) is a part of the Filipino heritage. If you ask any Filipino about what their earliest memory of this small citrus fruit is, they would probably tell you that they grew their own tree in their backyard whether in they grew up in the Philippines or relocated abroad.

Calamansi goes by many other names like Calamondin, Lemonsito, or Panama Lime. In Asia along in goes by many names: in China it’s Kat Chai, the Limau Kasturi in Malaysia, the Jeruk Kesturi in Indonesia, and the Quat in Vietnam. This small and deep green fruit is commonly used in dips and marinades, beauty products, and even alcoholic beverages all over the world. The Philippines used to be one of the biggest exporters of this fruit, but we are now starting to get left behind.

What happens next? Will the Philippines finally step up and empower the farmers and SMEs who are championing the humble calamansi or will our local industry be eclipsed by overseas production? Watch the full video to be part of this important discussion about the small unassuming fruit.

The calamansi story is brought to you by the Australian-ASEAN Council of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. This beautiful story would not be possible without Grace Guinto and Fides Mae-Santos of The Entree Pinays.

Project Sponsor:
Australian-ASEAN Council of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Team Australia:
The Entree.Pinays Team and Co-Founders, Grace Guinto, and Fides Mae Santos
together with their loving families

Production Team:
Kurt Ballener and David Shin of Mind Society

Victoria, Australia:
Jenny Abalos & Marc Serafino of DV Cider
Ross Magnaye, Ralph Libo-on, and the Serai Melbourne team
Pat Nourse, Creative Director, Melbourne Food & Wine Festival
Santiago Cuyugan, Mame Cocoa
Felis Sarcepuedes, Akasya Kapé
Sarah Pineda, Superchido

Chef Don Baldosano, Linamnam MNL
Noel, Thelma, and Mark Ong, Maong’s Grill
Chef Ely Salar, Patisserie Le Choux-colat
Virgilio Bunag Jr., Calamansi Farmer
Fred Davalos, Calamansi Farm Supervisor
Dr. Christian Anthony C. Agutaya, Vice President for Research Development and Extension of the Mindoro State University, Philippines
Helen Del Rosario, Soyuz Foods, International, Inc.
Cathie Carpio, Food and Beverage Consultant
Allan Tuazon, Saint C

Watch the full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_RzBVOUrwc

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