Have you ever tried the famous Tapang Taal?
Join Erwan on his quest to taste the authentic flavors of Batangas and discover the stories behind the people behind the iconic stalls of the Taal Public Market.
Everything is made fresh—from pancit wrapped in banana leaves to savory empanadas, every bite will surely make the trip to this busy market worth it.

Crispiest Chicharon Camiling in Tarlac

You might know chicharon as a light and crunchy deep fried and dried piece of pork skin, but Chicharon Camiling is a famous local delicacy in the historical city of Tarlac.

Healthy Recipes for People with Hypertension

Having high blood pressure changes the way you eat. On this episode, we talk about healthy recipes that are good for your heart. Join Jo Sebastian, a registered nutritionist-dietitian, who gives ...

How to Make Filipino Rice Desserts (EASY!)

Kakanin are Filipino desserts that are usually made with glutinous rice. They are sweet, savory, and are an instant meal for those days that you need a quick bite to eat...

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“Pabalat”, or the art of papercutting, involves making precise and intricate designs from Japanese paper. The beautiful designs are then used to cover pastillas de leche, a popular dessert made with fresh buffalo’s milk. 

What makes Goto Batangas different from your usual rice porridge? The highlight of this comforting bowl of soup is the slow-cooked beef innards like tripe, liver, and tendon that takes hours to tenderize using traditional methods. 

Lomi is a comforting noodle dish made with made with fresh egg noodles and a variety of proteins all engulfed in a thick and rich soup. It’s origins can be traced from the Chinese and has since evolved into a regional specialty in different parts of the Philippines. 

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How to Make Filipino Rice Desserts (EASY!) || Essentials Recipes with Martin

Kakanin are Filipino desserts that are usually made with glutinous rice. They are sweet, savory, and are an instant meal for those days that you need a quick bite to eat.

Fast Japanese Beef Stew Recipes | Shortcuts with Nadine Howell

Hayashi Rice is a popular Western-style Japanese stew made with beef, onions, mushrooms in a demi-glace sauce. It can take a long time to make traditionally, but Nadine has a trick up her sleeve. Join her and learn how to make it and use it in different ways at home!

PASTA SALADS YOU'LL LOVE 4 WAYS (Perfect for Potlucks)

Pasta salads are a staple at every Filipino gathering. Whether it’s a classic macaroni or tossed with proteins, it’s a dish that is easy to make and aims to please the entire family. Erwan shares his favorite recipes that uses only a few ingredients and quality pasta from Ideal Gourmet Pasta.

4 Fast and Healthy Salmon Recipes

Easy, tasty, and healthy. Salmon is both high in protein and healthy fats. Being flexible in its flavor profile, you can be creative with cooking it. Add these 4 dishes by Erwan to your salmon recipe arsenal!

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